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Kentucky Owl Batches & Release Info

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    February 23, 2020 3:00 PM PST

    Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batches and Release Dates

    (All the info you need about each Kentucky Owl Release)


    Batch #1
    Released September 2014
    5 Barrels reintroduced to Charred New American White Oak at 4 years old
    (Char 2, Char 3, Char 4, Char 5, Char 6)
    Bottle Release: 1250 Bottles
    118.4 Proof / 59.2 % Alcohol By Volume
    Heavily reliant on the Char 5 and Char 6 barrels for a full-flavored, spicy bourbon. Rich in consistency, and a blast of cinnamon on the finish. Baking spices and pine across the middle. The nose reminds you of a cinnamon disk candy.

    Batch #2
    Released September 2015
    6 Barrels reintroduced to Charred New American White Oak at 4 years old
    (3 Char 4, 3 Char 5)
    Bottle Release: 1360 Bottles
    117.2 Proof / 58.6 % Alcohol By Volume
    A much sweeter, more syrupy release than Batch #1. The nose has corn, sweet cedar, and a spicy oak character. Rich and creamy on the front of the palate gives way to spice on the end and a hint of the cinnamon. A nice lingering black pepper spice finish.

    Batch #3 / Barrel # 16 – Single Barrel (Blue Ink)
    Released December 2015
    Reintroduced to New American White Oak at 2 years old
    (Char 4)
    Bottle Release: 206 Bottles
    107.8 Proof / 53.9% Alcohol By Volume
    The nose is light, sweet, and creamy. Notes of oak, slight cinnamon, and hints of barbeque. It initially tastes higher in proof than it actually is, and with a touch of water, becomes mild and rich. Notes of sweet corn and sweet char. With air, look for a combo of green apple and cinnamon making you think of a spicy apple cobbler.

    Batch #4 / Barrel # 20 - Single Barrel (Red Ink)
    Released December 2015
    Reintroduced to New American Whit Oak at 2 years old
    (Char 4)
    Bottle Release: 212 Bottles
    116.8 Proof / 58.4 % Alcohol By Volume
    Soft nose that smells of caramel. Light, rich, and creamy. Initial sweetness is very much there but finishes with nice barrel spice. Syrupy and thick on the palate. The taste is much lighter than the proof would have you expect. It’s well balanced with initial sweetness, a round caramel center, and slight spice on the finish.

    Batch #5 / Barrel #12 - Single Barrel (Green Ink)
    Released December 2015
    Reintroduced to New American White Oak at 2 year old
    (Char 4)
    Bottle Release: 194 Bottles
    108 Proof / 54 % Alcohol By Volume
    Heavy and rich nose. Maple syrup and Butterscotch candy is there. A touch of graphite and charred oak. Syrupy and sweet on the front of the palate. It lingers up front with a certain richness found in bourbons that rely on the barrel for their flavor profile. It spreads across the palate and ends with delicate pepper spice but the front of the palate continues to be soaked in syrupy sweetness. Driven by the caramelized sugars in the oak.

    Batch #6
    Release Date September 2016
    8 Barrels reintroduced to Charred New American White Oak at 2-4 years old, average age 8-11 years
    Bottle Release: 1634 Bottles
    111.2 Proof / 55.6 % Alcohol By Volume
    Nose: Caramel, oak, charred oak. Some deep leather – saddle leather. Some tobacco too – sweet pipe tobacco. Deep molasses notes. Hints of cinnamon-y cobbler crust. Mouthfeel is syrupy and rich! Nice initial sweetness. Finish has subtle spice but lingers. Coats entirety of the palate – not just localized to one particular area. There’s a certain thickness to the mouthfeel. Initially notes of toffee and caramel with some crème brûlée sweetness. Finishes with smooth peppery spice that lingers longer than you expect.

    Batch #7
    Release Date August 2017
    Bottle Release: 2535 Bottles
    118 Proof / 59 % Alcohol By Volume
    Nose: Notes of caramel toffee, sweet char, crème brulee, cinnamon, vanilla and apple. Bright initial rich caramel sweetness. Vanilla and toffee coats the front of the palate, lingers and then spreads across the back. Mid-palate tingles with pepper, cinnamon, and a hint of ginger. Finish is lingering spice with deep oak notes.

    Batch #8
    Release Date July 2018
    Bottle Release: 9051 Bottles
    121 Proof / 60.5 % Alcohol By Volume
    This is the biggest, boldest, most robust release of Kentucky Owl to date. The nose has apple, cinnamon, warm cobbler crust, nutmeg, caramel, vanilla pudding pop, red pepper, spiced apple cider and cinnamon. Palate is a constant battle between sweet, rich, creamy & spice. The mouthfeel is strong, rich, syrupy and the finish stays with you, working its way from the spice on the back towards the front of the palate after each sip.

    Release Date April 2019
    Bottle Release: ? Bottles
    96.4 Proof / 48.2 % Alcohol By Volume
    Nose: Notes of gardenia, banana bread, toasty sourdough bread crust, and red apple on the nose. The taste is of graham crackers, citrus, toffee, and muted sweet cinnamon spice, balanced with white grape notes, and a hint of cayenne on the finish.

    Batch #9
    Release Date October 2019
    Bottle Release: 10,314 Bottles   MSRP: 299.99
    127.6 Proof / 63.8 % Alcohol By Volume
    Nose: Notes of apple, white grape, cinnamon roll, maple candy, vanilla and rick oak. The taste is of honey, honeysuckle, tea, citrus, caramel and has a pepper spice finish. Batch #9 has a great complex sweetness of fruit and creamy notes across the front palate, then crawls back to some more significant oak notes in the middle, before the spice of the finish spreads across the back of the palate.

    Release Date March 2020
    Bottle Release: xxxx Bottles   MSRP: 159.99
    115 Proof / 57.5 % Alcohol By Volume
    Kentucky Owl Dry state is an extremely rare blend of Kentucky Owl's most precious barrels. "Following the eighteenth amendment and passage of the Volstead Act, America went into a dry state. Our G.M. Dedman Distillery closed forever. This rare blend pays homage to this consequential event.

    Batch #10
    Release Date xxxxxr 2020
    Bottle Release: xxxxx Bottles   MSRP: 299.99
    xxx Proof / xxx % Alcohol By Volume
    Nose: xxxxxx



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    February 23, 2020 10:30 PM PST
    MSRP for the first batches was $159.99
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    February 24, 2020 4:32 PM PST
    Thank you for this post. Very informative. I have a complete vertical of Kentucky owl, every single release.