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Stagg Jr Release Info Batches

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    May 2, 2023 9:40 AM PDT

    Every Stagg Jr Releases and Batch Numbers (Newest Release at Top)by

    Batch 18 - (Winter, 2022) - 1XX.X proof (Just Stagg)

    Batch 17 - (Winter, 2021) - 128.7 proof  (Last release to have "Jr" incuded)

    Batch 16 - (Summer, 2021) - 130.9 proof

    Batch 15 - (Winter, 2020) - 131.1 proof 

    Batch 14 - (Spring, 2020) - 130.2 proof 

    Batch 13 - (Fall, 2019) - 128.4 proof

    Batch 12 - (Summer, 2019) - 132.3 proof 

    Batch 11 – (Winter, 2018) – 127.9 Proof

    Batch 10 – (Spring, 2018) – 126.4 Proof

    Batch 9 – (Fall, 2017) – 131.9 Proof

    Batch 8 – (Spring, 2017) – 129.5 Proof

    Batch 7 – (Fall, 2016) – 130.0 Proof

    Batch 6 – (Spring, 2016) – 132.5 Proof

    Batch 5 – (Fall, 2015) – 129.7 Proof

    Batch 4 – (Spring, 2015) – 132.2 Proof

    Batch 3 – (Fall, 2014) – 132.1 Proof

    Batch 2 – (Spring, 2014) – 128.7 Proof

    Batch 1 – (Fall, 2013) – 134.4 Proof

    Stagg Jr.Stagg Jr. is a limited edition barrel proof bourbon much like the George T Stagg version included in the Bufalo Trace Antique Collection.  Buffalo Trace released the first Stagg Jr. in Aug, 2013 and has released approximately two batches every year since.  Each batch is blended from bourbons that are roughly 8 or 9 years old and released at a high unique barrel proof.  We use those proof numbers to identify specific batches.

    When Stagg Jr. was first opened, it didn’t receive a very warm welcome as many prominent reviewers thought it was too “alcohol forward” and downgraded Stagg Jr. to a “Pass” and dismissed it as a failed version of George T Stagg. While this negative opinion still exists among some whiskey circles leaving the bottle open for day, recorking it and letting it sit for 2 weeks yields tremenodous results.  Many bourbon experts and enthusiasts switched camps after the 3rd batch and now consider this to be a well-executed barrel strength offering. Newer batches typically receive high ratings and sell out relatively quickly.

    The availability of Stagg Jr. varies widely by region.  It rarely sits for days in most areas.  Even with regional variation, it’s very rare to find bottles on shelves that are older than the most recent batch. 

    Buffalo Trace's Description: Just like George T. Stagg Bourbon, this whiskey is not filtered and offers all the rich and complex flavors of bourbon right from the barrel. Bottles of Stagg Jr. will be limited, but several batches each year are planned. This new Stagg Jr. offering will not affect the stock of barrels already set aside for future George T. Stagg releases.

    Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley describes that taste as, “rich, sweet, chocolate and brown sugar flavors mingled in perfect balance with a bold, rye spiciness. The boundless finish lingers with hints of cherries, cloves and smokiness.”

    Producer:  Buffalo Trace
    Release Category: Limited-Edition, Allocated
    Release Frequency: Approx. 2 batches per year
    Release Season:  Spring / Fall
    Release Volume:  Unknown but limited
    Release Region: Wide release
    Sell Out Timeframe:  Up to a few months (varies by region)
    Bottle Size:  750ml
    Nicknames:  Baby Stagg, SJR, Stagg Jr + proof (ex: Stagg Jr 132.2)
    Avg. Price Retail:  $59
    Avg. Price Among Whiskey Traders:  $110+ (highly rated batches more valuable)
    Avg. Price on Secondary Market:  $130+ (early batches more valuable)
    Production Codes: DSP-KY-113, DSP-CA-63, DSP-MD-11, DSP-KY-12, DSP-KY-24
    Mash Bill: BT Mash Bill #1 (low-rye)



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    May 14, 2020 1:22 PM PDT

    Stagg Jr Reviews for each batch:

    Stagg Jr Batch 9 (131.9 proof) Reviews   

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    June 8, 2021 4:55 PM PDT

    Stagg Jr Batch 16 just released in June 2021.  The proof has been confirmed at 130.9 proof.  

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    November 5, 2021 1:52 PM PDT

    Does anyone know the story of the "new" 128.7 that hit Iowa this past week? It's the same proof as batch 2 with a 2021 date code. Mistake?


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    December 12, 2021 9:20 AM PST

    Gene this is actually B17 which has the same proof as B2.  This will be the last bottle of the brand to have the "Jr" on it as they move to just "Stagg".