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Early Times Bourbon Whiskey HISTORY

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    November 15, 2018 2:20 PM PST

    This is the best known history of Early Times Bourbon Whisky.

    1860 - Founded by Jack Beam (The uncle of Jim Beam) in Early Times Station, Kentucky

    1915 - Jack and Ed (his son) both died

    1920 - Prohibition closed

    1923 - Acquired by the Brown-Forman Company

    1923-1933 - Sold as medicinal products by a license held by Brown-Forman

    1940's - contained an ABV of 43% or proof of 86

    1942 - Release a Bottled in Bond Version 100 proof

    1953 - Became the best selling Bourbon in the world

    1980 - Released a 120th Anniversary Edition 90.4 proof called "Early Times Heritage" with a box

    1980's - Reduced the proof to 80

    1983 - Changed the product from a "Kentucky Bourbon" to a "Kentucky Whisky"

                (due to the used charred barrels instead of new oak)

    1987 - Early Times Mint Juleps marketed as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby

    2010 - Early Times 354 (in reference to is DSP number) released as a premium brand

    2014 - Early Times discontinues "premium brand" Early Times 354

    2017 - Released a Bottled in Bond version 100 proof



    Early Times Mashbill: 79% Corn, 11% Rye, 10% Malted Barley

    Aged a minimum of 3 years

    Early Times is aged in masonry warehouses in the Louisville suburb of Shively (observed in 2004)



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