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Little Book Chapter Releases and Batch Info

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    November 13, 2020 3:55 PM PST

    Little Book batches and release dates

    Little Book is an annual whiskey series featuring new, unique blends—
    a first for the family. Uncut, unfiltered and always one-of-a-kind whiskeys from Freddie Noe.

    Little Book Chapter 01: “The Easy” Released 2017
    Little Book “The Easy” features uncut, unfiltered Kentucky Straight four-year-old bourbon, a 13-year-old corn whiskey, an approximately six-year-old straight rye whiskey, and an approximately six-year-old straight malt whiskey
    MSRP: 99.99

    Little Book Chapter 02: “Noe Simple Task” Released 2018
    Blends 8 year old cask strength Jim Beam Rye with 13 Year Old Alberta Distillers Rye, and 40 Year Old Canadian whisky.
    MSRP: 99.99

    Little Book Chapter 03: “The Road Home” Released 2019
    The Road Home is a blend of nine year old Basil Hayden®, nine year old Knob Creek®, 11 year old Booker’s® and 12 year old Baker’s®, and as always with Little Book®, these liquids are at barrel strength and will be bottled at barrel strength as well. The name “The Road Home” references the road that I travel to and from on a regular basis, the same road my grandfather, Booker, traveled back when he used to work here at the distillery.

    Little Book Chapter 04:"Lessons Honored"  Released August 2020
    MSRP: $124.99


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