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Pursuit Series Batch Episode Releases & Info

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    June 28, 2021 5:26 PM PDT

    Pursuit Series Whiskey:

    The pursuit series of mostly bourbon whiskey was created by Ryan Cecil and Kenny Coleman selecting individual barrels. Pursuit Series offerings to date have all been uncut and unfiltered single barrel offerings from a range of distilleries across the US, usually from smaller distilleries and at less than a decade old.

    Find them online, click here:Seelbach's logo link

    The releases are presented with the most recent releases first. 


    EPISODE 044

    Release Date: July 2021
    Age: 7
    Alc/Vol: 51.05%
    Proof: 102.1
    Bottle Count: 176
    Class: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    State of Distillation: NY
    MSRP: $65

    pursuit series 044


    Get your cholesterol checked because this barrel from Finger Lakes Distilling is like buttah’ry date syrup

    EPISODE 043

    Release Date: July 2021
    Age: 5
    Alc/Vol: 60.9%
    Proof: 121.8
    Bottle Count: 187
    Class: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    State of Distillation: WA
    MSRP: $75

    pursuit series 043


    Fetch a Connecticut wrapper cigar from the humidor to pair with this barrel from Woodinville Whiskey Co.







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