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Beam Distillation Proofs

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    November 3, 2018 3:18 PM PDT

    In 2008 Chuck Cowdery stated that Jim Beam has used different distillation proofs for its various bourbon brands. While there are different distillation proofs, these all enter the barrel at 125 proof.

    Product             Distillation Proof

    Booker's                       125
    Baker's                         125
    OGD                             127
    Basil Hayden                 127
    Knob Creek                   130
    Jim Beam                      135

    This is distillation proof is much lower than the maximum allowable proof of 160. It has also been suggested that its lower than Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill. Many believe Four Roses has a lower distillation and barrel entry proof than these Beam products.

    Booker's isn't diluted at any point in the process.

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