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Label Information

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    April 4, 2019 5:43 PM PDT

    The following details can be found on the labels of bottles at varying time thrughout the past based on federal laws. 


    1. The words "Federal Law Prohibits the Resale or Reuse of this Bottle," molded into the glass or printed on the label were required on all bottles made between 1932-1964.
    2. US bottles used the imperial system until 1980 (pint, quart, gallon, 4/5 quart, etc.). Starting January 1, 1980 all bottles were required to use metric measurements (750 mL, 1.75 L, etc.). Some bottles produced during the transition will show both metric and ounces.  According to Mike Veach, bottles displaying both metric and fluid ounces were made mostly between 1980 and 1984
    3. If it doesn't have a UPC code, it's probably from the pre-1985 era.

    4. November 18, 1989 government health warning labels were required on all liquor bottles sold in the United States. This regulation does not apply to alcoholic beverages produced, imported, bottled, or labeled for export from the U.S., or for delivery to a vessel or aircraft as supplies to be consumed outside the jurisdiction of the United States.
    5. In 1990, USA distillers moved from "Proof" to "% Alcohol" as a standard unit of measure.

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