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Private Picks & Store Picks Single Barrel Bourbon List

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    March 1, 2020 1:56 PM PST

    Private Picks & Store Picks Single Barrel Bourbon List

    Here is a List of Stores or Groups that have done private barrel selections at various distilleries.


    Group # Nashville                  
    Retailer Ace Spirits                    
    Group Annapolis Whiskey Society (MD)
    Group Appalachian Whiskey Society    
    Retailer Astor Wines                    
    Retailer B&B's                          
    Retailer Barrels and Brews              
    Group Basement Select                
    Retailer Beverage Superstore II         
    Retailer Big Red Liquors                
    Retailer Binny's Beverage Depot
    Retailer Booze Boys                        
    Group Bourbon Brigante               
    Group Bourbon Chasers                
    Group Bourbon Connoisseurs           
    Retailer Bruno's                        
    Group C+S Straight Up                
    Retailer Charle's Street (??)           
    Retailer Chuck's                        
    Retailer Cork Dorks (Tennessee)         
    Retailer Cork's                         
    Retailer Craft Brewed Selection         
    Retailer Davidson's (Colorado)          
    Retailer Dekalb Bottle House            
    Retailer DEP                               
    Retailer Discount Liquor                
    Retailer Eagle River                    
    Retailer Elixir Spirits                 
    Retailer Farragut Wine and Spirits      
    Retailer Fine Wine and Spirits (PA?)    
    Retailer Florida ABC Selection          
    Retailer Gallenstein's                  
    Retailer Golden Ox                      
    Restaurant Golden Ticket Bar              
    Retailer Gomer's                        
    Retailer Gonomo                         
    Retailer Green Jug Wine and Spirits     
    Retailer Haymarket                      
    Restaurant Italian Scallion               
    Group Jawbreaker                     
    Retailer Jax Wine and Spirits           
    Retailer Julios Liquors | Loch and Key Society
    Retailer K&L Wines
    Retailer Karl's                         
    Group Kentucky Bourbon Affair        
    Group Kentucky Bourbon Festival      
    Retailer Kreston's                      
    Retailer La Maison Du Whisky            
    Retailer Lincoln Road Package Store     
    Retailer Liquor Barn                    
    Retailer Liquor Depot                   
    Retailer Longman & Eagle                
    Retailer Lukas (KS)                     
    Restaurant Mabel's BBQ                    
    Retailer Maryland Farms                   
    Retailer MC's                           
    Retailer McScrooge's                    
    Group Miami Bourbon Society         
    Retailer Molly's                        
    Retailer MSL                            
    Retailer Muntnomah Whisky Library       
    Retailer NASA Liquors (Texas)           
    Retailer New Hampshire State (Granite)  
    Retailer Norfolk                        
    Retailer Old Town Liquors               
    Retailer Otto's Wine and Spirits        
    Retailer Plumpjack Wine and Spirits     
    Retailer Polaris                        
    Retailer PPLD TEWS                      
    Retailer Prav Saraff                    
    Retailer Premier Wine and Spirits       
    Retailer Riley's (Madison
    Retailer Rural Inn                       
    Retailer Schnapp's (Brooklyn
    Retailer Schneider's Capitol Hill       
    Retailer Scrooge's Selection            
    Restaurant Seneca Wine and Liquor         
    Retailer Shawan's                       
    Independent Bottler Signatory Vintage
    Independent Bottler Single Cask Nation             
    Retailer South Lyndale Liquors          
    Retailer Specs                          
    Retailer State of Kansas ABC            
    Retailer Stoller
    Independent Bottler That Boutique-y Whisky Company
    Group The Cleveland Bourbon Club     
    Retailer The Fridge                     
    Retailer The Party Source               
    Retailer The Whiskey Exchange           
    Retailer The Wine and Cheese Place      
    Retailer Total Beverage                 
    Retailer Total Wine                     
    Retailer Trader Joe's                   
    Retailer Vine and Table                 
    Retailer Virginia ABC                   
    Retailer Warehouse Wines                
    Retailer Waterford Wines                
    Retailer WB                               
    Retailer Westport Whiskey and Wine      


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