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Penelope Barrel Strength Bourbon Batches and Release Dates

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    December 30, 2020 12:40 AM PST

    Penelope Bourbon was created in 2018 by lifelong friends Mike Paladini and Danny Polise. The name is a nod to Mike’s daughter Penelope. The bourbon is a blend of wheat and rye bourbon mashbills, which are aged separately before being blended and bottled.

    Penelope Barrel Strength Bourbon Batches and Release Dates

    Penelope Batch # Proof Info Year Released
    Batch 05 116.0 3yr MGP 2020 Nov
    Batch 04 117.8   2020 Feb?
    Batch 03 117.8   2019 Nov
    Batch 02 116.6 2yr MGP 2019 Sep
    Batch 01      


    Castle & Key blends and bottles Penelope Bourbon under the direction of Mike Paladini and Danny Polise.

    Barrel Strength Batch 05 marks the fourth release this year for the brand. It is available now at online retailers and select liquor stores nationwide (MSRP $60) and features Penelope Bourbon’s refreshed branding and packaging, including a sleek, new logo and labeling design. Barrel Strength Batch 05 is a limited run of 12,000 bottles.




    BATCH 2

    The three bourbons in the blend are sourced from MGP and aged at least two years (the two rye bourbons are aged 3 years, and the wheated bourbon is aged 2 years).

    BATCH 5

    • Type

      Four Grain  Straight Bourbon Whiskey
      116 Proof  Non Chill-Filtered

    • Distillate

      Blend of 3 bourbon mash bills comprised of four grains (Corn, Wheat, Rye, and Malted Barley) from MGP

    • Age/Barrel Char

      3-4 Years Old
      #4 Staves, #2 Heads

    • Mash Bill

      76% Corn  15% Wheat  6% Rye  3% Malted Barley