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J Rieger’s Monogram Whiskey Batch Release Dates

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    January 13, 2021 11:24 AM PST

    J Rieger’s Monogram Whiskey Releases:

    J Rieger’s Monogram Whiskey is released approx once per year. J. Rieger & Co. Monogram Whiskey is a blended whiskey initially comprising 11 year old rye sourced from Alberta Distillers and 9 year old light corn whiskey sourced from MGP then finished for 18 months in sherry (oloroso) barrels. These oloroso barrels themselves are approximately 100 years old and came from the solera of Williams & Humbert, one of the oldest sherry producers in Spain. The whiskey is said to be NCF (non chill filtered).


    Release Whiskey Type Proof Bottle # Date  Info
    2020 Oloroso Bota 10yr Corn, 5+11yr Rye 105 1887 Jul  2020 2.5yr finish
    2018 Oloroso Bota 10yr Corn, 5+11yr Rye 100 1200 Mar 2018 30Mo finish 
    2017 Oloroso Bota 9yr  Corn + 11yr Rye 104 1000 Mar 2017 18Mo finish

    2017, 2018 Oloroso Bota MSRP = $99.99

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