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Dowling Distillery aka Dowling Brothers Distillery INFO

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    January 29, 2021 10:28 AM PST

    History of Dowling Distillery aka Dowling Brothers Distillery

    Dowling family owned D.L. Moore Distillery, RD#23, in Mercer County (1889-Prohibition) and ran it as Dowling Brothers.

    Post Prohibition (1933) it appeared to change hands multiple times between the Schenley company and Bob Gould and others.  It was later run as Dowling Distillery until HeavenHill purchased the brand name.  



    Dowling-owned Distilleries and Brands:

    • Clover Bottom distillery at Tyrone (owned in partnership with T.B. Ripy)
    • The Waterfill & Frazier Distillery on Bailey’s Run at Tyrone KY
    • The“Walker Plant” 1 mile north of Lawrenceburg KY
    • Hoffman Distillery /Old Commonweath (Lawrenceburg KY) 70s-80s used for bottling
    • Used product from Old Poindexter Distilling Co.
    • Collector's Edition
    • Collector's Item (Very Rare)
    • Dowling Deluxe
    • Very Rare Dowling
    • Kentucky Distilling Company took over naming


     Other info Related to Dowling Distillery / Dowling Brothers Distillery:

    (1941) Dowling Bros. Distilling Co. from Burgin, Ky. Barrel Entry proof of 101 proof

    (1946) Schenely's Subsidary branch, George T Stagg, acquired 50% of the Dowling Bros. stock with their distillery at Burgin, Ky. (1946 Schenley Annual Report).

    (1950s-1970s) - Much of the bourbon in Dowling branded bottles came from smaller distilleries or warehouses (that had recetly closed) also owned by Schenley. 





    Dowling Deluxe 14yr BIB
    Distilled 1951 at DSP 33 Ekron KY
    Bottled 1965 at DSP 27 Tyrone KY

    Very Rare Dowling 10 Year Old

    Very Rare Dowling 16yr  BIB
    Distilled 1953 at Old Poindexter Dist Co Reg. Dist No 5, Lexington KY (Shenely owned James E Pepper distillery aka the Henry Clay distillery)
    Bottled 1969 at DSP 27 Tyrone KY

    Collector's Item 14yr BIB
    Distilled 1961 at DSP 28 Bardstown KY
    Bottled 1975 at DSP 112 Lawrenceburg KY

    Collector's Edition 21yr BIB
    Distilled at DSP 51 Greenbriar KY
    Bottled (1977-1980) at DSP 112 Lawrenceburg KY


    Dowling Deluxe 8yr BIB
    Distilled 1980-1996 at DSP 31 Bardstown KY (Heaven Hill pre-fire)
    Bottled 1980-1996 at DSP 31 Bardstown KY (Heaven Hill pre-fire)


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