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Russell's Reserve 13 Batches / Codes with Release Dates Ranked

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    July 12, 2023 5:21 PM PDT

    We have identified and ranked all Russell's Reserve 13-Year Batches / Releases to date (and updating) with respective RR13 codes.

    Russell’s Reserve 13-Year (RR13) bourbon 114.8 proof is arguably the most sought after bottling in today’s Wild Turkey release catalog. But when it comes to flavor profile, are all batches created the same? We have identified all the RR13 batches based on release date and have reviewed each in a blind tasting as shown below.  The RR13 list is organized from the newest on top to the oldest at the bottom.

      Batch     Release    Code                Notes                                                                 Meta Ratings

    Batch 5 MAY 2023 LL/LE   90
    Batch 4 MAR 2023 LL/LC    92
    Batch 3 MAY 2022 LL/KE 41 Barrels of 20yr + 17 Barrels 18yr +blend 14 & 15yr 91 (oaky)
    Batch 2 DEC 2021 LL/JL Similar to Batch 1  92
    Batch 1 APR 2021 LL/JD 135 Barrels 13yr + 35 Barrels of 19yr    91


    Style                 Bourbon Whiskey
    Proof                114.8 (barrel proof)
    MSRP (2023)     $150
    Mashbill            75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley
    Batches             5



    Key to understanding the WT lot code used on RR13: The first letter after the "LL" encodes the year and the second letter after the "LL" encodes the month. The digits encode the day and time. 

    First letter: J=2021, K=2022, L=2023 etc. 

    Second letter: D=April, L=Dec, etc.

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