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We Simply Love Bourbon

The Bourbon Exchange is derived from a group of young guy's ever evolving appreciation of that dark amber spirit.  Years in the making, this site is not about the buying and selling of rare bourbons, like Pappy Van Winkle...Its about the facilitation of information.

Developing a searchable history of past bourbon sales, whiskey auctions and bottle lottos should promote a clear understanding of what each bottle is really worth. We endeaver to share our love of bourbon with all of you (assuming you are over 21 in the USA). Making a hub for all things bourbon, providing you with information and making the process of exchanging, buying or selling of bourbon more informative.


The Bourbon Exchange Website

The Work We Do

The Bourbon Exchange is the most comprehensive website for information regarding buying and selling of rare bourbons. We track bourbon auctions, classified listings and whiskey bottle exchanges on the internet.

We endeaver to make legal bourbon auctions, bourbon classified listings and whiskey bottle exchanges easier on all those longing for a sip of that rare godly necter. 


Legal Compliance

Within the United States

The use of this site for actively buying and selling is strictly for professional agents of licensed corporate vendors. You are responsible for complying with all local, state and federal laws governing the sale and transport of alcohol spirits. Individuals are restricted to only using this site for informational purposes of tracking the secondary market price of various bourbons.

We rely upon a network of independent vendors, retailers, manufacturers and other licensed parties (collectively, “Vendors”) who sell the products and services available on The Bourbon Exchange (BourbonEX.com). Each product or service listed on BourbonEX.com is not an offer to purchase such product or service but an invitation to make an offer. You acknowledge and agree that The Bourbon Exchange does not sell, offer to sell, invite to sell, or solicit any offers. IN ALL INSTANCES, ALL SALES ARE ADVERTISED, SOLICITED, OFFERED, ACCEPTED, MADE AND DELIVERED BY VENDORS WHO RECEIVE ALL ORDERS.



Pappy Van Winkle Photo 1
Willet Family Reserve Photo 2
E.H. Taylor Seasoned Wood
George T Stagg & William Larue Weller
Orphan Barrel Rhetoric, Lost Prophet, Old Blowhard
E.H. Taylor Cured Oak