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  • Patrick Balbierz

    I'm interested in

    Posted by Patrick Balbierz 12 hours ago - 15 votes - 1 view
    My local society's first barrel landed this week. I should have some bottles for PB tomorrow. This barrel is HW Double Rye finished in Zinfandel Barrels
  • Patrick Balbierz

    Throw up a

    Posted by Patrick Balbierz Tue at 10:42 PM - 14 votes - 2 views
    For 10/18 PB
  • admin

    Rating Numbers for Bourbon

    Posted by admin Mon at 10:19 AM - 23 votes - 5 views
    Which system do you prefer for rating bourbon/rye/whiskey/drinks? I was looking into making a review section next month. In order to have a searchable database, we need to have an agreed rating system.
  • Zachary Davis

    E. H. Taylor - 4 Grain

    Posted by Zachary Davis October 14 - 7 votes - 3 views
    I have a bottle of 4 grain I was thinking about auctioning. Would $30 a spot and 20 to run be something people would be interested in?
  • Matt S.

    More Michter's Toasted Bourbon?

    Posted by Matt S. October 2 - 10 votes - 2 views
    I've got more Michter's Toasted Bourbon I can lotto. I like two-bottle lottos, so here are two options, with per spot price/multiple spot price in parens. If there is interest here I'll launch these.
  • Frank Rathburn

    Next review?

    Posted by Frank Rathburn September 29 - 13 votes - 11 views
    Got to try two big bottles recently at a nice bar and wrote some thoughts. Any preference which review I polish off first?
  • Cory Mendonca

    2oz Price Poll

    Posted by Cory Mendonca September 6 - 16 votes - 29 views
    Just got this bottle of ‘18 Toasted for the bar.. It cost about $45. We don’t fuss around with the whole “neat”/“rocks” bump thing, just a straight price for 2oz. What should I price it at?
  • Robert Brown

    Weller 12 x2

    Posted by Robert Brown July 23 - 18 votes - 60 views
    I have two bottles of Weller 12 I was looking to post and was curious if it’d be more popular to do them together in the same lotto or two separate lottos.
  • Frank Rathburn

    Flavor most likely to ruin a bourbon for you

    Posted by Frank Rathburn July 21 - 24 votes - 48 views
  • Adam Bernhard

    MGP 12yo Quad Pack

    Posted by Adam Bernhard July 13 - 7 votes - 59 views
    Would you be interested in doing a FB or PB for these 4 MGP sourced 12yo’s - Boone County SiB Peg Leg Porker OKI reserve SAOS SiB