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  • Frank Rathburn

    Favorite Distillery?

    Posted by Frank Rathburn April 20 - 58 votes - 14 views
    Which distillery is your favorite (having the most bottlings you enjoy out of all of them, or most likely to please you with a new offering)?
  • Frank Rathburn

    Store pick lotto interest?

    Posted by Frank Rathburn April 13 - 16 votes - 16 views
    Trying to gauge interest in some possible lottos. All Wine Club picks. All PB lottos.
  • Ben Still

    ecbp lotto?

    Posted by Ben Still April 7 - 14 votes - 24 views
    Any interest in a 3 bottle lotto for ecbp a b and c batches for 13/12 a spot?
  • Patrick Balbierz

    1792 BiB

    Posted by Patrick Balbierz April 7 - 12 votes - 22 views
    Interest in a 1792 BiB lotto tonight?
  • Tim Fishburn

    Lotto Preference?

    Posted by Tim Fishburn April 4 - 13 votes - 28 views
    Wanted to see which lotto people would be more interested in. Got a couple bottles to unload.
  • Dakota Dyer

    SAOS picks "The Wood Guy" & "Last Call"

    Posted by Dakota Dyer April 4 - 18 votes - 31 views
    I've had an opportunity pop up for which I need cash, therefore I'm considering letting go 2 picks I'm really attached to. "Last Call", or the Bearded Lady 9yr 93proof would be FB at $37/$35. "The Wood Guy" 8yr 121.2 proof isn't as well known, but that's because it's a little rarer, I would do FB $35/$33. Any interest in those bottles at that price?
  • Frank Rathburn

    Al Young

    Posted by Frank Rathburn March 30 - 24 votes - 38 views
    I'm ready to get rid of my Al Young to pay for my recent purchase of a Booker's Rye from Andy and was wondering how people prefer that to happen. I'd be including a 2oz sample of 2016 4R SmB LE and Elliott's Select in the lotto and classified options.
  • Tim Fishburn

    Willett Family Estate 6yr Big Poppa

    Posted by Tim Fishburn March 30 - 27 votes - 55 views
    Would there be any interest in a PB lotto on this bottle? $8/$7 per spot?
  • Adam Bernhard

    High West Clearout

    Posted by Adam Bernhard March 30 - 32 votes - 37 views
    Which would you prefer......wanting to gauge interest and preferred lotto choice, if so desired Looking to clear out some space. I can't just keep throwing clothes out to store more bourbon(I'm running out of wardrobe)
  • Phillip Buchanan

    Which EHT for 3/28 PB

    Posted by Phillip Buchanan March 25 - 43 votes - 45 views
    You guys decide which EHT you want for the PB drawing this Wednesday 3/28. Both do have the corresponding tube that will be included.