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  • Matthew Amerson

    Total Collection Size

    Posted by Matthew Amerson 6 hours ago - 42 votes - 2 views
    Curious what peoples total collection sizes are? Thinking about total bottles including duplicates. I counted last evening and have 125ish with about 80 different things. 75 of those are open.
  • Patrick Balbierz

    For tomorrow's PB

    Posted by Patrick Balbierz December 7 - 24 votes - 8 views
    Which bottle would you rather see?
  • admin

    Update to BEX

    Posted by admin November 11 - 31 votes - 22 views
    What updates would you like to see to the site first? -please add in anything else in comments below *emphasis will be given to those who contributed funds/mods/played in lottos that contributed funds.
  • Dakota Dyer

    Who Voted?

    Posted by Dakota Dyer November 6 - 29 votes - 19 views
  • Frank Rathburn

    Drinks per week

    Posted by Frank Rathburn October 30 - 70 votes - 31 views
    How many drinks do you have on a typical week? I'm really curious how my consumption compares to other bourbon drinkers and this is a good, quick, anonymous way to find out. Let's be unscientific, ignore ABV, and say 1 drink is: 1 bourbon or other spirit up to the hips on a Glencairn (about 1.5oz) 1 beer 1 glass of wine 1 cocktail
  • Frank Rathburn

    Bottle interest for lotto or purchase

    Posted by Frank Rathburn October 26 - 17 votes - 44 views
    Hey all, wanting to gauge interest in the following bottles for possible lotto or purchase. Prices are per Powerball spot (26 spots). A vote would mean you'd buy a spot or be interested in buying the bottle.
  • Adam Bernhard

    Gauging interest....

    Posted by Adam Bernhard October 21 - 16 votes - 37 views
    Was thinking of putting up a couple lotto's today. Wanted to make sure there were enough fish in the sea
  • Patrick Balbierz

    I'm interested in

    Posted by Patrick Balbierz October 19 - 17 votes - 26 views
    My local society's first barrel landed this week. I should have some bottles for PB tomorrow. This barrel is HW Double Rye finished in Zinfandel Barrels
  • Patrick Balbierz

    Throw up a

    Posted by Patrick Balbierz October 16 - 14 votes - 22 views
    For 10/18 PB
  • admin

    Rating Numbers for Bourbon

    Posted by admin October 15 - 24 votes - 25 views
    Which system do you prefer for rating bourbon/rye/whiskey/drinks? I was looking into making a review section next month. In order to have a searchable database, we need to have an agreed rating system.