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Rating Numbers for Bourbon

Which system do you prefer for rating bourbon/rye/whiskey/drinks? I was looking into making a review section next month. In order to have a searchable database, we need to have an agreed rating system.
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  • admin
    admin NOTE: Remember this should be rating just the whiskey inside. I plan to add a value component that will include the price of the bottle. Then one can search by either.
    October 15
  • Patrick Balbierz
    Patrick Balbierz Can Frank just be our Jim Murray?
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  • Matt S.
    Matt S. I like the way L.A. Whiskey Society rates theirs--A to F, with an A rating being very very difficult to achieve. They have a great review system as well, with consensus ratings factoring in to overall grades.
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  • admin
    admin I do like LA Whiskey Society system, but doing analytics in the future on letters A-F could be very difficult. However, if everyone wants that, I can work on it. I will do a runoff with the top 2 vote get-ers here and add that system.
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