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Drinks per week

How many drinks do you have on a typical week? I'm really curious how my consumption compares to other bourbon drinkers and this is a good, quick, anonymous way to find out. Let's be unscientific, ignore ABV, and say 1 drink is: 1 bourbon or other spirit up to the hips on a Glencairn (about 1.5oz) 1 beer 1 glass of wine 1 cocktail
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  • Scott Begley
    Scott Begley 26 averages out less than 4 a night, as long as youre not doing it all in one night, youre good!
    October 30 - 3 like this
  • Kevin Neuhaus
    Kevin Neuhaus Ok... Chalk Scott up for 26+...
    October 30 - 2 like this
  • Scott Begley
    Scott Begley I actually hit the 11-15, although I’ve definitely done my share of trying to pack the 26+ all into one night. Usually followed up by giving up drinking, temporarily of course.
    October 30 - 3 like this
  • Mike Gaynor
    Mike Gaynor Def the 26 plus category but like Scott says that’s only 5 a day. Two bottles a week give or take.
    October 31