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  • Tim Fishburn

    Willett Family Estate 6yr Big Poppa

    Posted by Tim Fishburn March 30 - 27 votes - 148 views
    Would there be any interest in a PB lotto on this bottle? $8/$7 per spot?
  • Adam Bernhard

    High West Clearout

    Posted by Adam Bernhard March 30 - 32 votes - 67 views
    Which would you prefer......wanting to gauge interest and preferred lotto choice, if so desired Looking to clear out some space. I can't just keep throwing clothes out to store more bourbon(I'm running out of wardrobe)
  • Phillip Buchanan

    Which EHT for 3/28 PB

    Posted by Phillip Buchanan March 25 - 43 votes - 78 views
    You guys decide which EHT you want for the PB drawing this Wednesday 3/28. Both do have the corresponding tube that will be included.
  • Patrick Balbierz

    The best whiskey I've ever had

    Posted by Patrick Balbierz March 24 - 1 vote - 72 views
    Best bottle of whiskey I've ever had was How much? If just a pour comment below with pour size/price. Listed options are mine I've had
  • Frank Rathburn

    Lotto that splits up an entire bottle?

    Posted by Frank Rathburn March 12 - 38 votes - 80 views
    Ever thought of having a lotto where buying a slot gets you 1/X of the bottle? For instance, a lotto of a WLW where 1 slot buys you a guaranteed 1/26th (about 1 ounce) of the bottle as a sample? The seller cracks it open, splits it up amongst the slot buyers, and ships it out. The lotto drawing itself could be meaningless or give the winner something extra (like the empty bottle, hah). Shippin
  • ETx Bourbon

    MWND 4.1

    Posted by ETx Bourbon March 12 - 16 votes - 83 views
    any interest in a FB lotto at $10 spots for MWND 4.1
  • Frank Rathburn

    Ideal bourbon age?

    Posted by Frank Rathburn March 6 - 49 votes - 87 views
    My favorite bourbon or bourbons tend to be this old:
  • Dakota Dyer

    First price "Final Reserve" hits the secondary market for

    Posted by Dakota Dyer February 28 - 19 votes - 114 views
    https://insiderlouisville.com/lifestyle_culture/campers-braving-rain-for-1800-bottle-of-45-year-old-bourbon/ Please lord don't let any of our members be the people standing in line for this garbage.....just go lick a tree instead
  • Henry Jay

    Finished CS Belle Meade

    Posted by Henry Jay February 27 - 10 votes - 1 view
    I have a few bottles of cask strength Belle Meade. I have two Lincoln Road picks - Sherry CS and Cognac CS. The cognac is the first cs version of this. I'm gauging interest in these. Would you be interested in:
  • Mark-J Knight

    Thoughts on HH Releasing a 11yr Old Fitzgerald Bottled In Bond

    Posted by Mark-J Knight February 26 - 42 votes - 78 views
    I would assume many of you saw the press release from Heaven Hill about the spring release of a limited edition Old Fitzgerald bottled in bond. At a $110 dollar retail price I was curious as to what the group thinks of this upcoming release.