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  • ETx Bourbon

    RYE vote

    Posted by ETx Bourbon February 26 - 39 votes - 95 views
    I need help picking which RYE to keep and which 3 to part with. Always been Bourbon (SiB or Barrel Proofs) so need a little help.... highest vote i'll more than likely keep the other 3 lotto'd off
  • Patrick Balbierz

    Pikesville 6 Year is...

    Posted by Patrick Balbierz February 25 - 24 votes - 84 views
  • Paul Smith

    Lost Prophet Intrest

    Posted by Paul Smith February 23 - 25 votes - 88 views
    I have a bottle of Orphan Barrel Lost Prophet I'm considering Lotto'ing and was wondering if there would be any intrest on this site for this?
  • admin

    What's your favorite 1792?

    Posted by admin February 22 - 38 votes - 89 views
    Simple, you must have tried at least 4 of these to vote.
  • ETx Bourbon

    Bourbon Bottle Lamp

    Posted by ETx Bourbon February 21 - 12 votes - 69 views
    is the any interest in a STAGG JR empty bottle converted into a Lamp lotto? around a $60/$70 evaluation (includes $25 shipping), more than likely a 26 spot lotto
  • Michael Rolf

    Tonight’s Interest

    Posted by Michael Rolf February 17 - 28 votes - 96 views
    Considering posting a PB or FB lotto this evening and want to gauge interest. Each option can be picked as a fireball or powerball depending on your lotto preference.
  • Mike Cas

    Which label do you like best?

    Posted by Mike Cas February 14 - 1 vote - 77 views
    We picked an NCF OWA for the state of Montana. First barrel of OWA for that state. Doing a tax strip on top. Curious on your thoughts.
  • ETx Bourbon

    Next lotto

    Posted by ETx Bourbon February 13 - 33 votes - 66 views
    What would you prefer next lotto be for?
  • Frank Rathburn

    Weller 12 Bunker - ver2

    Posted by Frank Rathburn February 12 - 65 votes - 89 views
    How many Weller 12 year bottles do you have in your bunker (Including open ones)
  • ETx Bourbon

    What’s a good evaluation for:

    Posted by ETx Bourbon February 2 - 32 votes - 101 views
    2015 Weller 12, 750ml?