Auction FAQs Page




1. Why do I keep getting error message “date should be later than …” while creating an auction?

It requires you to create auction at or after system time. System time is Eastern Standard Time, or the time in New York, USA.  Since your time is different from the system current time, it causes issue as above. 

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2. Why doesn’t it appear as winning when my bid is highest on an item?

Winning page only displays items that already ended and you won, not items you have the current highest bid on.

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3. What information do I need to provide

You need to provide at least 1 picture and a detailed description of what you are auctioning.  


Pappy products require at least 3 pictures

-overall front

-overall back with clear laser code

-close up of foil top with 1) ruler, and 2) clear K cutout

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4. When should I end my auction?

We reccomend running an auction for 3-5 days right now.  As more people join this community, the length of time to receive optimal bids should decrease to 1-3 days. 


All auctions end at 10:00pm EST (New York Time) on the day you select it to end. 

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